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The latest Atraxion news:

Oxigin and Carmani rims

The well-known German brands Oxigin and Carmani are now in AtraXion's range. We selected these brands because all rims are Tüv approved and reach a specific target audience. 


The exclusive Oxigin brand goes from 17 to 23inch and has also very extreme applications; 3-piece rims, forged rims (Oxf...

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Compose your winter se...

Ordering a winter set is now online, fast and easy, with a huge choice of rims and tires at the best prices. Through the shop, you can also set the customer price so that you can also show your customer their price right away. Set prices are always net prices for 4 tires and 4 rims, ...

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Ruuud rims specificall...

Ruuud is a new European brand that specialises exclusively in reinforced wheels for vans. Ruuud has classic models like the Mammut5 and the Mammut6 in three different colours. Other Ruuud rims have a much more aggressive 'Off-Road look'. A good example of this look is the Ruuud Waterloo, which...

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Romac wheels distribut...

In 2020 we received the first Romac Cobra wheels for Ford Transit Custom in 7.5x18. This model is a huge success and therefore in 2021 we decided to stock all applications of this reinforced rim for all van and camper applications. From June 2022, we will commercialise the whole Romac range.


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Autel and Cub: the bes...

AtraXion distributes for more than 10 years the wheel sensors of CUB and Autel. According to us, CUB and Autel are the best solution for all your TPMS questions:

- With 1 sensor you cover 95% of the fleet- For EU vehicles (433Mhz) as well as for the USA version (315Mhz)- Possibility to copy origi...

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Brock & RC Design: Ger...

We are proud to announce that starting from 2022, AtraXion distributes the famous German rims from Brock and RC Design. For many years we have had the other top brand Borbet from Germany in our range, but with Brock and RC Design our offer is now complete.

Like our Italian wheelbrand MAK, the...

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